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Advanced Separator Internals Solutions (ASIS)


Separators and Scrubbers are key components in production trains and can often define the productivity limits for a given asset.  Out-dated or standard, off the shelf equipment can restrict production in existing applications or create space & weight problems for new build applications. Adopting the Swift ASIS approach and equipment in your process system can increase production for existing process trains or provide more compact and light weight equipment for new developments.

In retrofit applications the Swift ASIS approach is applied to your process train as a complete system, identifies the cause of the problem and provides a solution at the appropriate point(s) achieving an effective upgrade with the minimum intervention.

In New Build situations the Swift ASIS approach will optimize the solution taking into account the required performance level and any applicable constraints such as space, materials and access.

Swift ASIS Approach

Vessel type separators can be split into three main zones:

Fluid Inlet Zone
The Inlet Zone is critical in setting the condition of the fluids throughout the rest of the vessel.  A low performance device here will actually degrade the condition of the fluids making good separation more difficult.

Gravity/Time Zone
The Gravity / Time Zone is one of the areas which tends to determine the overall size of the vessel.  Separation in this area is a function of the gravitational effect and for how long it can be applied.  There are a range of devices and techniques that can be applied in this zone to enhance the effects of gravity or extend the available effective time.  Bulk Liquid / Gas separation and Liquid / Liquid separation is achieved in this zone.

Mist Capture Zone
The Mist Capture Zone is the final area before the gas outlet from the vessel.  It is in this area that high performance devices and techniques are employed to eliminate or minimise any liquid carry over into the gas stream.

These zones are present in both vertical and horizontal Vessel type separators.  Other cyclonic separation devices may be considered .  Swift ASIS employs these techniques where appropriate.